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Blackjack Basic Strategy Guide

We’ve put together the ultimate basic blackjack strategy guide to learn how to play blackjack. The basic Blackjack strategy was created by Edward Oakley Thorp in 1962 following the study of thousands of hypothetical games. It is empirically proven to work long term, as long as it is used as shown in the tables. Any random decision can lead to failure. Probability and statistical calculations minimize the house edge and favor the player. Thanks to the basic strategy it is easier to determine when to stand, ask for a card, double the bet or divide the game

The first time you see the table of the basic strategy of blackjack, you will think that it is crazy and that you will not know how to follow it. In the beginning, it is best to always have the tables with all the variables at hand. Gradually you will memorize and automate the movements, and it will be easier for you to play. So you can know how to play blackjack and, most importantly, how to win blackjack.

Basic blackjack strategy

The table describes the basic strategy of the American version in which four or more decks are used. Remember that:

  • The dealer cannot be planted with a score of fewer than 17 points.
  • You can split the hand in the event that two equal cards are drawn and double the bet.
  • The player can surrender with any card.

The basic rules of the European version are not too far from the American one.

There are three tables: Hard Hand Strategy, Soft Hand Strategy, and Pair Hand Strategy. The dealer’s hand is described on the horizontal axis, and the player’s on the vertical axis. The symbol determines the best possible decision based on the recommendation of the basic strategy.

Meaning symbols in the basic strategy of blackjack:

    • Ask for a card: the player wants a new card and lets the dealer know.
    • Stand: the player does not want more cards and decides to stand, either because he has achieved 21 points or because his number is very close to BlackJack
    • Split: The player’s first two cards are the same, and the player decides to split and play two games.
    • Double: the player can double his bet in exchange for one more card.
  • Surrender – This option is available in a version of the BJ called Blackjack with Surrender. The player can leave a game and recover half of their initial bet.
Blog Roulette Strategy

Red Bet Roulette Strategy

All casinos in the world, whether physical or online, have at least one game of roulette. Roulette is one of the games most demanded by players, mainly for the simplicity of the game. However, one of the most important points in deciding the strategy to follow. An excellent strategy can lead to high income. For this reason, in today’s article, we will explain how to use the Red Bet roulette strategy.

Possibly many of you have already discovered what it is or at least you intuit. And indeed it is so. It is calculated that 70% of the bets are red. Players have a greater predilection for red than for black.

The Red Bet roulette strategy is not one of the best known or demanded by players. However, it is worth knowing and why not put it into practice. Remember that external bets, red or black, have the highest probability of winning. It is practically a 50% probability of success.

How to play Red Bet

In the Red Bet roulette strategy, a bet is made on both colors. In the first round, the player must make a bet on the color red. In the case of winning, the bet on red is maintained, and one unit is bet on black. What happens if you lose, you must double your bet on red and keep the bet on black. This ensures that some profit is always made.


We make a bet of one euro on the color red. In the case of winning, we would win the euro that we have a bet since this type of bet is 1: 1. In the second round, you would double the bet on red. In this case, it would be 2 euros and also bet on black, 1 euro. In the event that the ball falls into the red square, you would win 2 euros and lose one euro. If the ball fell on the black, you would win the euro from the black, but you would lose the 2 euros of the red bet. In the next round, you should bet 4 euros on red and one euro in black.

The operation of this strategy is easy to follow. Obviously, it is not infallible. In the case of losing too many rounds, the bet can be very high, since every time you lose, the bet is doubled. However, these types of roulette methods increase the chances of winning while the losses are not so great.

In the case of carrying out this method, it is preferable to play French and European roulette, since they have only 0. However, in American roulette, there are two zeros, and the probabilities decrease.

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